Who is this guy?

My son is attempting to control me via robots...

I am a tech professional, writer, photography buff and musician in the Philadelphia area.  I've been a technologist for as long as I can remember.

He was such a little scamp...

For example, I destroyed an old Bell touch phone to see how it worked (imagine my father's shock and horror and my sore rear-end), and took apart everything from day 1. If you bought me a microscope, watch, radio, tape recorder, or anything with batteries and a cord, I destroyed it.

What's your job, kiddo?

I lead the Education Services team for Chariot Solutions, a consulting firm located in Fort Washington, PA. We teach AngularJS, Scala, Spring, Hibernate, Maven and mostly teach what we do. I've been at Chariot for almost ten years now, and have worked on at least nine conferences - eight years co-chairing Philly Emerging Tech, organizing Computing Among the Clouds, Philly on Grails, and even a Continuous Integration show. 

When not teaching I'm helping other consultants and doing mentoring and short-stint consulting. I'm available through Chariot for various projects.

Social Media

My podcast, the Chariot Tech Cast, has hosted a wide array of guests in open source software development, and is also the forum for a semi-weekly DevNews stream and a series of Conference sessions.  I also organize and host some of our screencasts

If you have a technology-related topic and would like to become a guest on one of our podcasts or screencast segments, please contact me via email.

Buy My Book!

I am an author/the mastermind of Spring Roo in Action with co-author Srini Penchikala which is available for pre-order or MEAP and will be published in April, 2012. In case you don't know, Spring Roo is a rapid application platform for developing Spring-based applications and is written using 100% Java and built using Maven.

We are planning on starting a show for the Roo community based on the book, so look for that announcement on my website.

So, you're a photo nerd?

I have been taking pictures for over ten years now.  If you have a photography-related question, feel free to drop me a line. I have been featured, years ago, as a photographer for Epson's famed R-D1 camera. That site is gone long ago, but thanks to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, here it is.

How do you know a drummer's knocking on your door?

The knock speeds up.

My other passion is music.  I've been a drummer since I was 11 years old, and am currently playing a Philly-area group, Equinox, that is always looking for another place to play.  You can find out information about the band at www.jazzequinox.com and for bookings, give me a shout.