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Jazz Band Reboot - Equinox is Coming...

We've been refocusing our quintet, Equinox, on performing more in 2011.  I thank Joe Capizzi so very much for being a great friend and guitar player.  He's had to move on, and as I understand from him he's focusing more on his rock interests.  GO, JOE!  I want to jam with that group!

In his place, and out of the blue (we weren't really looking seriously for a replacement) our pianist Scott found Steve Strawitz.  Steve is an amazing jazz guitarist, and he and Steve Kaminski together really are the "Steves" of the band, a powerful duo.  If you're curious how we sound, shoot me an email for a link to a recording of Footprints we did several weeks ago.  The "Steves" really put together what sounds like a horn section for the head, and I really like the sound.  We can't publish it due to licensing, but we're going to put this and other recordings together into a cogent demo for our potential clients.

Stay tuned for tour dates on our website in 2011.  We'll be relaunching the web site soon with our updated information.