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Hello iPhone 4?

The view from a hotel room from the iPhone 4Ok, you may be saying I've lost my mind.  What, trade a Leica M8 for an iPhone 4?  Well, not JUST an iPhone 4.  I paid for camp, paid off a few things, and THEN spent some cash on an iPad.  Oh, right, then I ran out of money and ordered the iPhone 4.

Typical for those of you who know me and just shake your heads...

Anyway, I am here to tell you that the iPhone 4 is a PHENOM.  It's like a little photographer's notebook.  No, it won't give you 12 megapixel RAW images that will knock your socks off.  Instead, it will give you 5 megapixel images, at roughly 28mm or so in equivalent aperture, that will surprise you.

I took the camera, er, phone out in a few places and have a gallery started.

Ken's iPhone 4 Gallery

Enjoy, hopefully everyone attempts to build cameras of this high quality into their phones going forward.  It's an exciting time to be a photographer.


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