Silly Weasel Roo Add-ons Forge

Pending - updates to all add-ons for Roo 1.2.4. Will post when done

This project is meant to provide some useful add-ons while trying to teach about how to write them and move the add-ons API forward. I currently have two add-ons in development - the jQuery addon, which installs jQuery and jQueryUI, and the Coffeescript add-on, which installs (Mark Derricutt's ) coffee-maven-plugin. I've also just added a Maven Site plugin Roo add-on, which is now deployed to the repository and under active development.

Use the top menu on my site, and view the sub-menu elements for each project, once I've built out the documentation...

Somewhere I've been working on a simple formtags add-on as well, and once I resurrect that one it may end up here.

The add-ons

These are the add-ons we have so far:

How to mount my add-ons

There are two ways, using the addon command and the OBR.

The OBR - the most direct way (currently)

The safest of these two options for now is to use the OBR URL:

Note: don't click this, copy and paste it into Roo's osgi obr url add --url command... You can log into Roo and add the URL as a repository link like this (all on one line, of course):

roo> osgi obr url add --url

Then, you can use the osgi obr list command to list the add-on versions:

roo> osgi obr list
coffeescript-addon [org.sillyweasel.addons.coffeescript] (0.9.12, 0.9.9)
jqueryui [org.sillyweasel.addons.jqueryui] (0.9.9, 0.9.5, 0.9.4, 0.9.3, 0.9.1, 0.9.0.RELEASE)

Your mileage may vary. See dealer for details. Taxes, tags and destination fees are extra, etc., blah blah blah blah - I am silly..._

Using the Roo add-ons repository

The other way, which suffers from not always being as up-to-date, is to use the Spring Roo built-in add-on list, which is refreshed each time you start the Roo shell. Until i have that procedure licked, just suffice it to say that you can use the Roo addon list/addon search commands to find my two add-ons.

News of the various and sundry...

  • 5-18-2012 - Cloudbees came through, and we now have cloneable read-only versions of all of our repositories. See the individual project pages for the Git, Maven, and Jenkins URLs. Thanks to Cloudbees!
  • 5-10-2012 - I am currently trying to move them from an Amazon EC2 instance over to the CloudBees repository, which would mean having the Roo team break the current OBR listing they provide and move to another one. I'll update this page once that is done.