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It's a comin' - Philly Emerging Tech

Yep, it's about that time.  The Philly ETE conference (as we like to call it on the twitter) is fast approaching.  We are all eagerly awaiting the results of our latest Frankenstein.  Or is it Frank Stein? 

Anyhoo, we have some fresh techcasts - last week we released an interview with Johanna Rothman, famed project management guru and author of ManageIt! and Manage your Project Portfolio, among other titles.  Today I released an interview with Brendan McAdams of 10Gen, the company behind Mongo DB, talking about Mongo 1.8 and the MongoPhilly conference, which is happening the day before ETE in the Sheraton Old City (same venue).

Later this week, we'll have an interview with the creator of the Javascript behavior-driven testing framework Jasmine, Davis Frank.  He was a great interview and a lot of fun to chat with.  He'll be giving a Practical Jasmine talk, and tells us it will be a good 10 minute introduction, but then 35 minutes of practical advice in writing Jasmine tests.  You may want to brush up on Jasmine with this demo talk, and also here is a 57 minute standup talk video from Davis at SFSE.  Read up, be ready, and learn a LOT of useful tips from this session.

We'll be having more content than ever coming back from ETE this year.  We've been working with a videographer who will be recording all of the sessions in Salon C, both with audio and video, and I've just secured a deal with the makers of ScreenFlow to use up to 24 licenses during the conference for anybody who presents using a Mac, so we can have screencasts of other presentations.  It should prove to be a great time.

I'll be there, both sitting at the training table and presenting my Roo talk.  Roo 1.1.3 has really begun to mature, and playing with the recently released version I'm very happy - I think it will be a great working session.

Anyway, I hope to see you all there at ETE, and I'll be bringing my handheld recorder around, so if you want to talk about anything ETE related, please speak into the mic!




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