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Now on : my article on WebFlow and Roo from the "Cutting Room Floor" of Roo in Action

You can read my first article, posted on our behalf from Manning's author articles series, entitled Spring Roo and WebFlow, on Java.Net's technical articles series starting today.

Thanks to Manning's Nermina Miller for helping me get it finished,'s Kevin Farnham for publishing it, and Manning's Candace Gillhooley for getting the project going.

I anticipate a few more "cutting room floor" articles, since the book took some twisty turns while Srini and I were formulating the content for the final book.

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Reader Comments (2)

Ken, thanks for writing up this article. I recently read SRiA, and have been meaning to post a short review on my blog and Amazon. Overall, fantastic book, my 3 main complaints off the top of my head were

1. The missing Webflow content (I was expecting it based on the previous blog post)

2. Limited content on the Cloud chapter, I was hoping to see some content on DataNucleus and GAE, as none of the existing tutorials appear to work as described on any blog posts I've found

3. and lastly the security chapter has no information on fine grained security, only URL intercepts. Appreciated the content about the RDBMS and DS backed auth though.

June 22, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterEric Coolman

Thanks for your comments. The challenge with a book that has to address this kind of sweep is that we can't cover everything. I agree, if you're going cloud AND you want to go Google App Engine, there is the whole Data Nucleus thing. Because we had trouble with the GWT plugin (and we're not GWT experts) we pulled back on that, and that also led to a conscious decision to kind of hold off on any deep discussion around Google App Engine since it was a bit of a rabbit hole.

June 24, 2012 | Registered CommenterKen Rimple

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