Spock's data tables are sweet!
Sunday, July 8, 2012 at 10:18AM
Ken Rimple in Spock, Spring Roo, chariot-news, chariot-news, spring-roo, testing

I'm working with Spock again for updating my CoffeeScript plugin for Roo 1.2.3. There have been a few helpful additions to the add-on APIs (unless I missed them in 1.2.2...) and so my code is getting a tad simpler.

The coolest thing is that converting my tests to Spock, I had an easy way to do a truth table testing condition when I wanted to try out a number of scenarios. Check out this snippet, specifically the "where:" block and the values from the where block variables within the test conditions.

I've switched this test to the more formal given: when: then: syntax, and added the where: section for the data tables settings. I think I was using setup: instead of given: and I also didn't put my expectations in the then: section, which they evaluate in regardless. It's more readable this way.

Note, the version of the coffeescript add-on listed in the test is irrelevant, as the method called to fetch the plugin ignores it but the Plugin constructor requires a version.

@Unroll("evalto #evalto for project available #available, 
         packaging #packaging and pluginList #pluginList")
def "test isPluginInstalled with scenarios"() {
    def projectOperations = Mock(ProjectOperations.class)
    coffeescriptOperations.projectOperations = projectOperations
    def pom = Mock(Pom.class)

    def result = coffeescriptOperations.isPluginInstalled()

            .isFocusedProjectAvailable() >> available
    coffeescriptOperations.projectOperations.getFocusedModule() >> pom
    pom.getPackaging() >> packaging
    pom.getBuildPluginsExcludingVersion(_) >> pluginList

    result == evalto

    pluginList | available | packaging  | evalto
    [] | false | "foo" | false
    [] | true  | "war" | false
    [] | true  | "pom" | false
    [new Plugin("com.theoryinpractise",
            "coffee-maven-plugin", "1.2.0") ] | true | "war" | true
    [new Plugin("com.theoryinpractise",
            "coffee-maven-plugin", "1.2.0")] | true | "pom" | false

I was able to fold five specific test cases checking whether the project contains the Coffeescript plugin into one test with five data settings (all false except one):

I used @Unroll to turn the data table results into five separate tests, each of which listed separately in the test results. Note the method name of the test is comprised of literal strings with data from the datatable columns starting with '#'. Nice, eh?

So I was able to collapse five test scenarios into one with the data tables. Nice.

You can pull the git repository for this add-on by using:

git clone git://git.cloudbees.com/sillyweasel/coffeescript-roo-addon.git
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