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Philly Emerging Tech 2013 - sold out!!

Perhaps it's a bit expected, but the 2013 Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise conference just sold out yesterday. As before, it sold out at the end of the early bird registration, so everybody saved $75!

We have a FANTASTIC show coming up. Just look at the website,, and you'll see. We have Doug Lea, Cliff Click, Ken Scwaber, Aaron Patterson, the committers of at least five or six javascript single-page and server frameworks, and the list goes on, and on.

As we did last year, we ARE going to record the screens this year of almost every talk (forgive us if we have a technical glitch or two). We won't be streaming live, but we will be doing our best to get the talks out when we can.

So, if you aren't able to go, within a few months we should have the talks available online. Watch the @Chariotsolution or @krimple twitter accounts for the announcements. And you can browse all of our other content at our content site,, including just about all of the 2012 talks, our Science of Big Data conference materials, and over 100 podcasts from the past five years.


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