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I just received some disturbing news from someone scammed for an employment opportunity. The scammer used my name (Ken Rimple) and said I worked for Spectrum Jobs as a recruiter. They did an interview with the candidate and then tried to coerce them to purchase equipment, then send them a check.

News flash, scam scum: I do not work for anyone other than my employer of over 10 years, Chariot Solutions, and I am certainly not a recruiter. I do participate in interviews, from the technical side, once we vet a candidate enough to move into the technical interview stages. But I do not represent any employment agency.

If you find yourself chatting with some "Ken Rimple" on a messenger app with some fake interview process, it is not me. If you are contacted by my employer, Chariot Solutions, and they move to a technical interview, it IS me. Our website is and you can use the Contact Us form to reach our recruiting and sales staff to make sure your call is legit.

And finally, identity theft is a crime. Expect anyone using my name illegally to be targeted by law enforcement.

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