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Fall Forecast Panel Discussion Podcast Available

I've just released the Chariot Solutions Fall Forecast, Computing Among the Clouds Panel Discussion on the Tech Cast. Join me, Chris Cera, Chris Richardson, Kortina and Toby DiPasquale as we discuss Amazon, Google, and Cloud Computing in general.

Take a listen; the blog page is The panel discussion is Episode 19 (click to download the MP3). You may subscribe to the RSS Feed here.



PSUG Slides online - SpringSource dm

Rob Harrop from SpringSource presented a talk at the Philadelphia Spring User Group last night entitled "Getting Started with SpringSource dm Server".

Rob has a good set of resources on the main page, and the presentation is here.


Pages up on the Fall Forecast Conference

If you're interested in the 2008 Chariot Solutions Fall Forecast, Computing Among the Clouds Conference, you may view the website at or view my informative pages:


Mono 2.0 Released

Not that I'm a big .NET fan, but I read through the Mono 2.0 release article at Ars Technica and I'm intruiged. I'm a mac guy, so the 2.0 beta isn't out yet. However, they do have a 780 MB VMWare instance, running OpenSUSE with the Mono 2.0 toolkit installed.

I'm downloading it and will kick a few tires. If I find anything particularly interesting I'll update the blog.


Updated SpringSource Distribution Policy

Note: I'm updating this article's title. Rod had noted it's not a licensing change, rather a distribution change. I made the change to my post text, but not the URL or the article title.

Read the updated SpringSource distribution decision on Rod Johnson's Blog Page. This is a change to a recent policy decision by SpringSource to provide updates for 3 months after a new major/minor release.

The change provides for releases of builds to the open source community until a new major/minor version is delivered. For example, the current 2.5.5 release would be revved to 2.5.6 (based on Rod's information) and once a 3.0 release is provided, the 2.5.x line would be provided but not updated (unless your organization is a SpringSource licensee under support contract).

This is a fair agreement, as open source teams can now continue building applications based on Spring and decide when they are ready to update to a newer version of the software, without worrying about purchasing support. Concordant with this change are upcoming licensing models for small business and systems integrators.