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Useful tool... Google Alerts

I was just thinking that I haven't posted recently to my blog. And there it is, all shiny and looking bored... So...

I got this tip from a presentation at Podcamp Philly last month. Google Alerts is a great way to keep your eye on a technology, tool, well, any search term you can dream up. The service will send you a message every time a new blog post or web page appears with your search terms on it.

Accessing Google Alerts is simple. First, sign up for a Google mail account. Then, go to and configure a search term. Here is my current set:

Current Google Alerts

The types of alerts available include:

  • News - News articles ( that appear with your search term.

  • Web - Any new web pages indexed with your search term

  • Blog - Any blogs that reference your site in new posts

  • Comprehensive - A mix of News, Blogs, and Web Sites.

You have lots of configuration options available to you. For example, you can set the alerts to be checked once per day, per week, or as they happen. Also, you can configure emails for HTML or straight text, and for each alert you can email it to a different destination.

Use Alerts to track stories of interest (for example, I am currently tracking the SpringSource licensing changes and interest in my podcast, and Grails). As a business you can use it to track your competitors, and what others are saying about you as well.

Alerts is a great and free tool. Check it out today and let me know if it helps you in any way, I'm curious how useful it is to others.


Link to lots of Grails samples

The Grails Developer website has posted a link to a ton of Grails samples here.

Quite a nice resource!


New Podcast Episode online - Interview with James Ward

We interviewed James Ward from Adobe Systems, a Flex evangelist and Java developer. We talked about a wide range of topics. Listen to the podcast episode here or subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or RSS. This one went very well, and I hope you enjoy it.

Show notes pages are available at


Podcamp Philly, September 6-7 @ Temple University

Podcamp is coming to town! On September 6-7 on Temple University's campus, podcasters and listeners will gather to discuss all things podcasting. The camp is based on the BarCamp model. View more information on sessions here. I hope to at least attend part of the show, and will blog on what I learn (and maybe make an excuse to publish to my libsyn feed).

Podcamp Philly Image


New Podcast episodes online...  DreamIT!

I've published three new podcasts for the Chariot Tech Cast. They are:

  • Snack Feed - these guys are writing a media sharing web application where you can favorite media and view what your friends are watching. Technologies include PHP, MySQL and some Python processing. Interesting approach. Audio Feed Here. Their website is
  • PhrazIt - This team, led by three college sophomores (from MIT and Harvard), is kind of a mini-messaging and voting application all rolled into one. The application is written in PHP. They were recently covered by TechCrunch. Audio Feed Here. Their website is
  • Finally, we spoke to TapInko, a portal for buying and selling physical ad space. This platform is .NET based, and we had a good discussion about application development and the life of a startup. Audio Feed Here. You can visit them at

    Thanks to all of the interviewees and to Chris Cera of Vuzit for setting them up. Coming up next on the podcast is an interview with James Ward of Adobe on Flex and AIR.