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I run Chariot's training and mentoring services. We provide training in AngularJS, HTML5, Spring, Hibernate, Maven, Scala, and more.

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New podcast episodes online

Recently I've added two interviews to the Tech Cast (Feed here). The first is an interview with Chris Cera from Vuzit. We talk about Ruby and Rails as a development platform. The second is with Toby DiPasquale from Invite Media. We talk about Google, Hadoop and large-scale data processing using Map Reduce.


New Tech Cast Episode : GWT

Peter Paugh and I have just published a new Tech Cast at Chariot on the Google Web Toolkit. You can subscribe to the Tech Cast by visiting


Grails 1.0.3 release imminent

Reading the developer forum at, it appears that 1.0.3 is being readied for a launch this week. Thread here. Interestingly, you can always download snapshots from the CodeHaus Bamboo continuous integration server. That URL is There is a separate build readied which is built under Java 1.6, for example.


Web Framework Shootout!

I've just published our recording of the Web Framework Shootout, assembled by Manning Publications and Chariot Solutions, at the 2008 Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise conference in Philadelphia, PA this March.

The assembled team included experts in Ruby on Rails, Seam, Struts 2, Open Lazlo, Flex, and more.

Listen to the podcast by subscribing at



Studs - A Struts port to PHP

Gleaned from reading a Twitter feed from JavaOne... Apparently there is a struts port called 'Studs' for PHP. Fascinating! I'm going to have to take a look at that one for kicks. The configuration looks remarkably like struts 1.x... Here is The Quick Start Guide. The Project exists at

Update 5/9/08: Note, the mailing lists for development seem to have dropped off since 2006, and questions asked up until 2007 but that's it. So an interesting thing, but who knows...