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Quizzo in Roo, Introduction

We at Chariot have this awesome internal conference we call Chariot Day. We get to dish on the latest things that turn us all on, technically.

I am working on two presentations - one on Roo add-ons that will be a pre-cursor to the ETE presentation, and another on my favorite dynamic language platform, Grails, describing what is new in the 2.x version of the framework (hint: a lot, but mostly it's to make your life super easy and productive).

I also heard that we were resurrecting a quizzo game from the last Chariot Day. Rather than use the same quiz program again, I figured I'd take a stab at writing one (heck, if I fail, we can just use the old one).

This is a series of blog posts about trying to use Roo rapid-style to build up a quiz system in less than three (ok two) weeks. I'll be outlining some of the lessons learned and tips and tricks along the way. These promise to be short blog entries, all tagged with quizzo-in-roo so you can find them in one bunch.

Update: there are two links to help you through this at the moment: