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Quizzo in Roo - Security, SHA-256 and OS X

On OS X, there is no sha256sum utility, but a more generic one, shasum. This is good, but it takes standard input or a file, each of which will end up appending a newline on OS X.

Here was the workaround I found (thank you to this Stack Overflow thread).

echo -n passwd|shasum -a256

The -n flag strips the newline. The value I got for 'passwd' was 0d6be69b264717f2dd33652e212b173104b4a647b7c11ae72e9885f11cd312fb. Next, you can put the secure hash in applicationContext-security.xml like this:

    <password-encoder hash="sha-256" />
        <user name="admin"
          authorities="ROLE_ADMIN,ROLE_USER" />
        <user name="user"
          authorities="ROLE_USER" />

On Unix systems, you'll be able to use sha256sum, presumably with the same echo -n input.