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Philly Emerging Tech 2013 - sold out!!

Perhaps it's a bit expected, but the 2013 Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise conference just sold out yesterday. As before, it sold out at the end of the early bird registration, so everybody saved $75!

We have a FANTASTIC show coming up. Just look at the website,, and you'll see. We have Doug Lea, Cliff Click, Ken Scwaber, Aaron Patterson, the committers of at least five or six javascript single-page and server frameworks, and the list goes on, and on.

As we did last year, we ARE going to record the screens this year of almost every talk (forgive us if we have a technical glitch or two). We won't be streaming live, but we will be doing our best to get the talks out when we can.

So, if you aren't able to go, within a few months we should have the talks available online. Watch the @Chariotsolution or @krimple twitter accounts for the announcements. And you can browse all of our other content at our content site,, including just about all of the 2012 talks, our Science of Big Data conference materials, and over 100 podcasts from the past five years.



It's a comin' - Philly Emerging Tech

Yep, it's about that time.  The Philly ETE conference (as we like to call it on the twitter) is fast approaching.  We are all eagerly awaiting the results of our latest Frankenstein.  Or is it Frank Stein? 

Anyhoo, we have some fresh techcasts - last week we released an interview with Johanna Rothman, famed project management guru and author of ManageIt! and Manage your Project Portfolio, among other titles.  Today I released an interview with Brendan McAdams of 10Gen, the company behind Mongo DB, talking about Mongo 1.8 and the MongoPhilly conference, which is happening the day before ETE in the Sheraton Old City (same venue).

Later this week, we'll have an interview with the creator of the Javascript behavior-driven testing framework Jasmine, Davis Frank.  He was a great interview and a lot of fun to chat with.  He'll be giving a Practical Jasmine talk, and tells us it will be a good 10 minute introduction, but then 35 minutes of practical advice in writing Jasmine tests.  You may want to brush up on Jasmine with this demo talk, and also here is a 57 minute standup talk video from Davis at SFSE.  Read up, be ready, and learn a LOT of useful tips from this session.

We'll be having more content than ever coming back from ETE this year.  We've been working with a videographer who will be recording all of the sessions in Salon C, both with audio and video, and I've just secured a deal with the makers of ScreenFlow to use up to 24 licenses during the conference for anybody who presents using a Mac, so we can have screencasts of other presentations.  It should prove to be a great time.

I'll be there, both sitting at the training table and presenting my Roo talk.  Roo 1.1.3 has really begun to mature, and playing with the recently released version I'm very happy - I think it will be a great working session.

Anyway, I hope to see you all there at ETE, and I'll be bringing my handheld recorder around, so if you want to talk about anything ETE related, please speak into the mic!





Chariot TechCast #29 - Philly ETE Manning Authors Q&A Forum

Marjan Bace moderated a great discussion on writing books around technology.  His guests included Dan Allen, David Black and John Resig.  View the show page for more details.


Chariot TechCast 29 - Manning Author Q&A Podcast


Philly ETE Keynote - Jascha Franklin Hodge on Obama Social Media

I just released the Jascha Franklin Hodge keynote from Philly Emerging Tech. Jascha is Blue State Digital's CTO and helped build and execute Barack Obama's social media campaign for the 2008 election. Blue State runs many Democratic Party as well as non-profit, non-aligned campaigns.

In this keynote, Jascha explores what worked for the Obama campaign, contrasts it with the McCain campaign and shows how best to leverage using social media to both share your vision and engage your followers to participate directly in the process. It's a fascinating keynote and though not deeply technical, it does point to the merits of using the internet for social organization.

Tech Cast Episode 27 - Obama social media campaign via BSD's Jascha Franklin Hodge


TechCast Episode #26 - Andy Hunt on Pragmatic Thinking and Learning

This show features an interview from ETE with Andy Hunt, co-founder of the Pragmatic Programmer and Pragmatic Bookshelf.  His seventh book, Pragmatic Thinking and Learning, delves into how the brain processes information, and how you can use both the logical and intuitive aspects of cognitive ability to maximize your abilities.

It's an interesting talk - his keynote had everybody floored.  He was nice enough to come find me at our 11:00 scheduled interview time.  Here is his interview, as well as a few minutes of audio from the Deconstruction Zone, a Wednesday Evening kick-off event where people, umm, smashed stuff.  (see pictures from the PhillyETE Flickr Group for details!)

Show notes page for Episode #26