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And a fun time was had by all

Tonight we opened the Philadelphia Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise conference with a project called the "Deconstruction Zone."  The leader of the event started by explaining the plight of recycling today, how our "every two years" tech refresh obsession is filling landfills, and how much is dumped illegally.

After that we basically tore apart phones, printers, fax machines, cell phones, computers, hard disks, calculators, even a toaster!  Toward the end, they brought out power supplies and we all tried (in vain) to get things working again.  However, I gotta say, those hard disk magnets are POW-erful!

The organizers found some green recycling locations, and will take all of the equipment safely away.

What a fun night.  The kids came and had a blast as well.  Caught some audio, including an interview with Ken who organized the event.  I'll put that into my show retrospective podcast after the week is out.

I can't wait for tomorrow.  We start with a keynote by Michael Tiemann. I started publishing a Flickr Photo Group called PhillyETE2009, which has public submit access.  Feel free to post your ETE images there.

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