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Chariot TechCast reaches 40th episode (middle age?)

The Chariot TechCast started back on Feburary of 2008, and since then we've had interviews with a variety of open source / Java / developers.  

Some more recent interviews:

For details on the podcast, head over to or search for "Chariot TechCast" on iTunes.


Chariot TechCast #29 - Philly ETE Manning Authors Q&A Forum

Marjan Bace moderated a great discussion on writing books around technology.  His guests included Dan Allen, David Black and John Resig.  View the show page for more details.


Chariot TechCast 29 - Manning Author Q&A Podcast


TechCast Episode #26 - Andy Hunt on Pragmatic Thinking and Learning

This show features an interview from ETE with Andy Hunt, co-founder of the Pragmatic Programmer and Pragmatic Bookshelf.  His seventh book, Pragmatic Thinking and Learning, delves into how the brain processes information, and how you can use both the logical and intuitive aspects of cognitive ability to maximize your abilities.

It's an interesting talk - his keynote had everybody floored.  He was nice enough to come find me at our 11:00 scheduled interview time.  Here is his interview, as well as a few minutes of audio from the Deconstruction Zone, a Wednesday Evening kick-off event where people, umm, smashed stuff.  (see pictures from the PhillyETE Flickr Group for details!)

Show notes page for Episode #26



Chariot TechCast Episode # 22 - Chris Richardson

I've just uploaded the latest Chariot TechCast, Episode #22. In this episode, I speak to Chris Richardson about Cloud Foundry, Cloud Tools, Grails and Amazon Web Services. He's speaking at the Philadelphia Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise conference on March 26-27.


New Podcast episodes online...  DreamIT!

I've published three new podcasts for the Chariot Tech Cast. They are:

  • Snack Feed - these guys are writing a media sharing web application where you can favorite media and view what your friends are watching. Technologies include PHP, MySQL and some Python processing. Interesting approach. Audio Feed Here. Their website is
  • PhrazIt - This team, led by three college sophomores (from MIT and Harvard), is kind of a mini-messaging and voting application all rolled into one. The application is written in PHP. They were recently covered by TechCrunch. Audio Feed Here. Their website is
  • Finally, we spoke to TapInko, a portal for buying and selling physical ad space. This platform is .NET based, and we had a good discussion about application development and the life of a startup. Audio Feed Here. You can visit them at

    Thanks to all of the interviewees and to Chris Cera of Vuzit for setting them up. Coming up next on the podcast is an interview with James Ward of Adobe on Flex and AIR.