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I run Chariot's training and mentoring services. We provide training in AngularJS, HTML5, Spring, Hibernate, Maven, Scala, and more.

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New podcast episodes online

Recently I've added two interviews to the Tech Cast (Feed here). The first is an interview with Chris Cera from Vuzit. We talk about Ruby and Rails as a development platform. The second is with Toby DiPasquale from Invite Media. We talk about Google, Hadoop and large-scale data processing using Map Reduce.


New Tech Cast Episode : GWT

Peter Paugh and I have just published a new Tech Cast at Chariot on the Google Web Toolkit. You can subscribe to the Tech Cast by visiting


Groovy Samples Episode #2 Available

I've just uploaded episode #2 of the Groovy Examples screencast. In this show I discuss lists and maps in Groovy, and how much easier they are to use than their Java equivalents. Click on the image to view the presentation (QuickTime H.264)

To subscribe to the podcast, browse to, or to download the movie directly, click on the image below.


Groovy Samples Episode #1 Available

I've just uploaded my first Groovy samples video to the examples feed at Groovy Examples. It's a simple demo of how to use Groovy to build simple class files, call dynamically generated Groovy constructors and getters/setters, and iterate through collections using closures. Click on the image to view the presentation (QuickTime H.264)

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