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todo-txt - very cool GTD task management from anything

So, just I stumbled on Gina Tripani's todo-txt project when searching for a cross-device todo management system. I am switching from an iPhone to an Android device as I'm prepping to provide some Android training for Chariot in the early part of next year.

todo-txt is a very simple format. Described here and with a client for virtually anything (including the command-line, vim, Android, iOS, even WebOS) you can use it from anything, even a text editor. The clients are all savvy with Dropbox, so putting it on ~/Dropbox/todo is all you need to do.

Here is a groovy script I just wrote up to play with my todo list...

def todoFile = new File('./todo.txt')
def fileReader = new FileReader(todoFile)
def todos = fileReader.readLines()
def projects = [:], contexts = [:]
todos.each { it ->
  println it
  def tokenizer = new StringTokenizer(it)
  while (tokenizer.hasMoreTokens()) {
      def token = tokenizer.nextToken()
      if (token.startsWith("@")) {
          def size = contexts[token] ? contexts[token] : 0
          contexts[token] = size + 1
      if (token.startsWith("+")) {
          def size = projects[token] ? projects[token] : 0
          projects[token] = size + 1

projects.each { key, value -> 
  println "Project ${key} : ${value} tasks"

println ""
contexts.each { key, value -> 
  println "context ${key} : ${value} tasks"

Fun, eh? Now I can rid myself of the OS X reminders system - although I could really use the ability to store these in my Google calendar as timed events with due dates... Hmm...