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Roo Flex add-on is ALIVE!

It's always good to ask.  The Roo Flex add-on had been incompatible with Roo 1.1.0, and I've been working on the rich web chapter.  I had checked in with Jeremy Grelle, the lead on the Spring Flex Integration framework, and he let me know that he got everything going again with a recent snapshot.

If you'd like to play with the Roo Flex integration libraries before they come out in mid-December, here's what you need to do:

Download it!

Download the latest snapshot jar for the add-on here (can't guarantee that it will work the same way for you, but the one 11/20 worked fine for me).

Install the JAR

Put the add-on JAR in the roo-1.1.0/bundle directory

Install the snapshot repository

Edit your project's <repositories> section and add:

  Spring Portfolio Snapshot Repository

You have to do this for now, because the Blaze DS 4.0 integration libraries aren't checked in to a final repository.

Install it in your project

Now, just use the flex setup command to install the Flex scaffolding engine. When you want to build a scaffold, experiment with the flex remoting command to generate a scaffold View class for your Scaffold, such as:

flex remoting all --package ~.model

Running it

Just use mvn package jetty:run-exploded to kick off your application (Tomcat is fine but I am partial to Jetty for embedded maven runs). When the server starts, make sure to hit http://localhost:8080/appname/appname_scaffold.html to view your scaffolded UI.


Spring Roo In Action MEAP Now Available

Roo in Action MEAPWe are proud to announce the opening of the Manning Author forum, and the offering of the first MEAP, for Spring Roo in Action.  You can find out all of the information, including accessing a free download of Chapter 1, by visiting the MEAP website.

The first two Chapters delivered are Chapter 1, which introduces Roo, and Chapter 3, an overview of database persistence, from setup to implementation.  In Chapter 3 we get into topics such as Bean Validation, testing using the Integration Test framework, use of the entity APIs, and more.

The Author Forum is a place where you can leave feedback. We'd love to hear your thoughts as we go along.  Remember, this is our first MEAP, so things may not be 100% in place, and chapters will be enhanced with more detail in updated deliveries.


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