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I run Chariot's training and mentoring services. We provide training in AngularJS, HTML5, Spring, Hibernate, Maven, Scala, and more.

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Bloggers at SpringOne!

Here are a few blog sites covering the SpringOne conference:

  • Grey Bearded Geek - Chariot's Rich Freedman has been writing about the keynotes, sesssions on his blog

  • It Depends (tm) - Chariot's Dmitry Sklyut writes about the Tomcat server and other topics here.

  • New York Java Consultant - Solomon Duskis writes about SpringOne from his blog.

  • Spring in Practice - Willie Wheeler covers Spring from his blog and is attending SpringOne.


Chariot TechCast Episode #20 released - SpringOne News

I am pleased to announce the 20th episode of Chariot's TechCast. We're covering the SpringOne show from Florida from a variety of angles. Visit Episode 20 on our blog page for more details and the link to download the show. As usual, you can subscribe via the RSS Feed at or search for TechCast on iTunes.