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TechCast with James Ward of Adobe

In Episode 34, I speak to James Ward about Adobe's plans for Flex 4.0, slated for release later this year.  James spoke to me last year in Episode 17 when Flex 3 was gaining a lot of momentum, and is a regular at the Philadelphia Emerging Tech conferences.  He also hosts Drunk on Software, a videoblog where he and Jon Rose ply their guests with drink and get 'em to spill the beans.  I've seen a few of them, and they are entertaining and informative.

Anyway, enjoy the podcast.

Chariot TechCast 34.mp3


New Chariot TechCast posted on JSR-299 and WebBeans

Thanks to Dan Allen, who set up the interview, I skyped with Pete Muir on the JSR-299 spec last week, which is the spec that used to be called 'WebBeans', and is now 'Java Context and Dependency Injection', or JCDI. Pete was a great interview, and we hopefully demystified a few things about the spec and the JBoss-led Reference Implementation, which now has the name WebBeans.

You can listen to the episode by clicking on the link below.

Episode 33 - JSR-299 and WebBeans with Pete Muir of JBoss


TechCast Episode #31 - Michael Tiemann on Open Source Innovation

I just got approval to publish the 2009 ETE Keynote from Michael Tiemann of RedHat.  This is a very good session and worth listening to, especially in light of the recent Oracle / Sun merger.  Michael is one of the original open source innovators (having worked on many projects and founding the first Open Source company, Cygnus). 

Michael is the VP of Open Source affairs at RedHat.  He is also a founding member of The Open Source Initiative. 

Give it a listen and see what you think.

Episode #31 - Michael Tiemann on Open Source Innovation


Chariot TechCast #28 - Philly ETE talk on OSGi and Maven from Sonatype's Jason Van Zyl

Just released to the interwebs is the Philly ETE session on Tycho, Maven and OSGi with Jason Van Zyl.  He goes into depth about the ways that OSGi is difficult for developers while remaining a powerful solution for application deployment.

Tech Cast Episode 28 - Philly ETE session with Jason Van Zyl of Sonatype


Web Framework Shootout!

I've just published our recording of the Web Framework Shootout, assembled by Manning Publications and Chariot Solutions, at the 2008 Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise conference in Philadelphia, PA this March.

The assembled team included experts in Ruby on Rails, Seam, Struts 2, Open Lazlo, Flex, and more.

Listen to the podcast by subscribing at