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Venkat Subramaniam on Groovy, DSL adoption, other dynamic languages - TechCast

I have been absolutely thrilled with the roster of speakers on the TechCast. This show is with one of my favorite speakers, Venkat Subramaniam. Venkat is a long-time Groovy proponent, but is quick to point out that he uses other languages, and always strives to use the right tool for the job.

Here is the link to the show notes page : Episode #49 - Venkat Subramanaim

In this interview we talk about the adoption of languages such as Groovy, Ruby and Scala, and hear a few good stories along the way.

Venkat is speaking this year at our Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise conference (April 8-9) on Domain Specific Languages.

Up next we will feature Jeremy Grelle from SpringSource on thier web and RIA initiatives, and just afterward Brian Sletten on the Semantic Web. I hope you are enjoying listening to these interviews as much as I am recording them.


Podcasts online - Jonas Boner on Akka/Scala as well as Guillaume LaForge on Groovy an Gaelyk

I'm blessed with a bevy of great guests this month.  Our first two shows of December are:

  • An interview with Groovy savior and developer of Gaelyk, Guillaume LaForge.  We talk about Guillaume's involvement in the Groovy language and details how you can develop Google App Engine web applications using Gaelyk, a Groovy-based library.
  • A deeply technical interview with Jonas Boner, the creator of the Akka framework.  Akka provides access to both Actors and Software Transactional Memory, in the form of Transactors.  So, you can mix approaches between transactional memory, message-based asynchronous processing with Actors, and the combination of the two.  Very interesting podcast and complements Episode #37 well (like a good wine and cheese)...





Chariot TechCast reaches 40th episode (middle age?)

The Chariot TechCast started back on Feburary of 2008, and since then we've had interviews with a variety of open source / Java / developers.  

Some more recent interviews:

For details on the podcast, head over to or search for "Chariot TechCast" on iTunes.


Chariot TechCast summer vacation about to end

For those of you who listen to my Chariot TechCast, I've been busy with other things lately, including launching Chariot's training practice, which now features official Spring Framework Training.  So, the TechCast has been on a bit of a vacation.  I feel like Click and Clack putting the puzzler to bed.

Lucky for me, I'm not on a scheduled 1-hour radio program that has to deliver every week.  Nevertheless, I've been getting antsy to do more recordings, so coming up in July and August (subject to change):

  • A discussion with James Ward on Flex 4.0 and other topics
  • A 'beer night' recording with Chariot's Integration and SOA team about the state of Open Source Integration
  • Potentially a discussion about SpringSource Roo (speakers TBD)
  • Discussion with members of The Open Source Alliance
  • A discussion on CouchDB
  • Talk with a very influential consultant and blogger on Java Concurrency.

Whet your appetite?  If you haven't listened to the archives, we have lots of interesting topics to choose from, including discussions on Spring, Seam, JSR-299 and 303 (yes, JSRs are interesting too!) Mule, Flex, Grails, Rails, The Google Map Reduce Process and Hadoop, and much more.

As usual, you can subscribe via iTunes or RSS.

Happy early summer,




Philly ETE Keynote - Jascha Franklin Hodge on Obama Social Media

I just released the Jascha Franklin Hodge keynote from Philly Emerging Tech. Jascha is Blue State Digital's CTO and helped build and execute Barack Obama's social media campaign for the 2008 election. Blue State runs many Democratic Party as well as non-profit, non-aligned campaigns.

In this keynote, Jascha explores what worked for the Obama campaign, contrasts it with the McCain campaign and shows how best to leverage using social media to both share your vision and engage your followers to participate directly in the process. It's a fascinating keynote and though not deeply technical, it does point to the merits of using the internet for social organization.

Tech Cast Episode 27 - Obama social media campaign via BSD's Jascha Franklin Hodge