Dinosaur Train... Wait, what???

Ok, I'm more than willing to suspend my disbelief on most projects - Lord of the Rings - there are no Wizards, Hobbits, Elves, etc...  Check.  Star Trek - I don't care where the restrooms are.  Star Wars - ok, well, there was Return of the Jedi - all right, not completely.

And exactly this case with what my girls are watching right now - PBS's Dinosaur Train.

My questions for the producers:

  • When did the dinosaurs get prehensile thumbs?
  • It's OK that a T-Rex baby hangs out with a Pteredactyl and doesn't eat them?
  • A train...  With dinosaurs...  Any sense of scale, and oh, hey, DIFFERENT ERAS

Ok, it may be cute, and educational but man, my brain is swimming in anachrony.

For example - they blow a steam whistle.  Which leads me to question - so they entered the industrial age?  Steam power?  The conductor has a hat, wait, who fabricated it?  And right now I'm watching them travel in the train through an underwater tube looking at the sea creatures.  They look like regular sea creatures. 

Aaaahh my eyes!


Township Meeting for Newtown Township Residents - Billboards are Coming... 

Be there or be square...  At 7PM in the Newtown Township building on Feb 9, 2011, the Zoning Board is hearing arguments for/against billboards in Newtown Square by the Bartkowski Investment Group (known, infamously, as BIG).  Mr. Bartkowski has been fighting this fight in Haverford and other neighborhoods, and is attempting to place a number of billboards less than a hundred feet from our residences...  Read on for details...

LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Zoning Hearing Board of the Township of Newtown will hold a public meeting on Wednesday, February 9, 2011, at 7:00 PM prevailing time, in the Newtown Township Building, 209 Bishop Hollow Road, Newtown Square, Pa. for the purpose of hearing from persons who care to be heard for or against the following Petitions: 09-15 Bartkowski Investment Group Inc. P.O. Box 40236 Philadelphia, Pa. 19106, relating to the premises known as, 3105 West Chester Pike,3545 West Chester Pike and 3517 West Chester Pike, Newtown Square, Pa 19073. The Applicant is seeking the approval to develop three non-accessory outdoor advertising signs (Billboards) on three separate parcels within the boundaries of Newtown Township, PA. Specifically those parcels include the following: 3105 West Chester Pike Newtown 14ft by 48ft double faced sign, 62ft in height to top of sign. 3545 West Chester Pike Newtown 20ft by 60ft double faced sign, 78ft in height to top of sign. 3517 West Chester Pike Newtown 14ft by 48ft double faced sign, 57ft in height to top of sign. Applicant challenges the validity of the Newtown Township Zoning Ordinance as unconstitutionally exclusionary. Applicant further requests such variances that the Zoning Hearing Board deems necessary or desirable for the proposed use and as may be required by law. Harry J. Robinson Asst. Zoning Officer


Hilarious email response from a recruiter

Apparently, years ago I had switched on my job offers bit on LinkedIn.  Well, I finally emailed a recruiter saying "please don't email me with offers" and she responded:

"I apologize for any incontinence this may have caused you."



Billboards in Newtown Square and Delco

An interesting article on the no billboards in our neighborhoods issue.




Bats and Me...

I couldn't have written it better myself.

Read all about our bat and rabies shots incidents at…  Thanks, dear.  I AM a wimp!