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Under the drill...

I don't know about you, but there are certain areas of my physiognamy that I tend to be squeamish about.  One of them is my mouth.  For anyone who knows me, you'd figure that would be my problem - any attempt to silence the yammering coming out of it just seems terrifying to me.

I used to go to a dentist down the street. By that I mean she was conveniently located. But she was not gentle. In fact, her work bordered on scenes from Marathon Man. Did you ever sit in a dentist's chair and think "boy, she's taking a looong time"?  This dentist had a framed photo of her boat proudly displayed near the chair, and talked about it all the time.  The old joke applies - my wife bought the teak, I bought the sails, we helped her fix the instruments, etc..  It wasn't like we were ever able to come back in six months, anyway - we were on a revolving schedule.

The funny thing was that her receptionist and staff were so friendly.

However, I can tell you there is a huge continuum of dentists out there.  If she's on the left side, our current dentist is on the right.  The same tooth she drilled that took 1 & 1/2 hours and lots of under-the-breath cursing took him 25 minutes.  And I got a nice conversation to boot.

This post is probably pointless, except to note that it doesn't take much to make a patient's experience a good one.  Just do a good job, be empathetic, and above all, don't put a picture of your boat in front of the chair!

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