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Dinosaur Train... Wait, what???

Ok, I'm more than willing to suspend my disbelief on most projects - Lord of the Rings - there are no Wizards, Hobbits, Elves, etc...  Check.  Star Trek - I don't care where the restrooms are.  Star Wars - ok, well, there was Return of the Jedi - all right, not completely.

And exactly this case with what my girls are watching right now - PBS's Dinosaur Train.

My questions for the producers:

  • When did the dinosaurs get prehensile thumbs?
  • It's OK that a T-Rex baby hangs out with a Pteredactyl and doesn't eat them?
  • A train...  With dinosaurs...  Any sense of scale, and oh, hey, DIFFERENT ERAS

Ok, it may be cute, and educational but man, my brain is swimming in anachrony.

For example - they blow a steam whistle.  Which leads me to question - so they entered the industrial age?  Steam power?  The conductor has a hat, wait, who fabricated it?  And right now I'm watching them travel in the train through an underwater tube looking at the sea creatures.  They look like regular sea creatures. 

Aaaahh my eyes!

Reader Comments (2)

it's a cartoon, not a documentary!

i like to think that these fantastical shows are there nnot only to throw out bits of information but also exercise the imagination.....

....and this is coming from the mom who told the preschool teacher that the "carpet squares" were mislabeled b/c the pieces of carpet are actually rectangular ;)

February 16, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterann marie

Well yeah, but hey...

February 18, 2011 | Registered CommenterKen Rimple

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