Under the drill...

I don't know about you, but there are certain areas of my physiognamy that I tend to be squeamish about.  One of them is my mouth.  For anyone who knows me, you'd figure that would be my problem - any attempt to silence the yammering coming out of it just seems terrifying to me.

I used to go to a dentist down the street. By that I mean she was conveniently located. But she was not gentle. In fact, her work bordered on scenes from Marathon Man. Did you ever sit in a dentist's chair and think "boy, she's taking a looong time"?  This dentist had a framed photo of her boat proudly displayed near the chair, and talked about it all the time.  The old joke applies - my wife bought the teak, I bought the sails, we helped her fix the instruments, etc..  It wasn't like we were ever able to come back in six months, anyway - we were on a revolving schedule.

The funny thing was that her receptionist and staff were so friendly.

However, I can tell you there is a huge continuum of dentists out there.  If she's on the left side, our current dentist is on the right.  The same tooth she drilled that took 1 & 1/2 hours and lots of under-the-breath cursing took him 25 minutes.  And I got a nice conversation to boot.

This post is probably pointless, except to note that it doesn't take much to make a patient's experience a good one.  Just do a good job, be empathetic, and above all, don't put a picture of your boat in front of the chair!


Star Trek

Hmm...  What to say.  Well, so as not to spoil any plots, let me just say that I thought that the plot was a bit silly, with a typical sci-fi "let's make up a quick deus-ex-machina to save us from re-writing the whole script" section, and an excuse to bring in Leonard Nimoy.

I wonder what happened with William Shatner?  Did he refuse to participate at all?  Or was he snubbed?  Anyway, it doesn't matter.  Overall, it was at least as entertaining as the best original Star Trek movie, Wrath of Khan, and certainly the effects and the characters were great and carried the day.

One thing of note - the imitation of Bones by Karl Uban deserves special note - he did an uncanny young man version of the Bones Kelley DeForest did in the 60's, and there is a hilarious 'giving the hypodermic' series that just can't be missed.

Great fun, take anyone over 8 or 9, they'll love it.



Hubble Ultra Deep Field Image

In late 2003 to early 2004, the Hubble team kept stacking exposures of the same spot in the sky for a total of about a million seconds to form the deepest view ever into space.  They wanted to see what galaxies were visible from the era close to the big bang.  What they got was tremendous.  If you want your mind blown, head over to this wikimedia image link and be amazed.  It's my desktop on my mac now...


All the best ideas...

In the world won't matter if you don't write them down or get them on tape.  I'm really starting to learn that, but gee, I forgot the details.

No matter.  I guess someday I'll actually put my pen and paper near my bed!

I'm telling you, those concepts seemed great.

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